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                 Some Universal Truths of Recruitment;

1. There's a lot going on in an interview. When you're talking, you're not listening. When you're listening you're often thinking about what you're going to say next and when you're taking notes, you're missing non-verbal cues (body language), so in a typical 2 x 1 hour interview/selection process, you will typically invest between 20-25 minutes of active listening time in a decision to employ someone that could end up costing you 3-5 x their annual salary if you get it wrong.                 
2. Top talent are qualifying you as potential employers equally as hard (if not harder) than you are qualifying them.

3. Normal interview training for most people new to recruiting and managing others, is to sit in on an interview, or interviews with a colleague who also hasn't had any proper interview training. What this leads to is the passing down of bad habits and outdated attitudes from one generation of management to the next!

4. Contrary to popularly held belief, good candidates are not hard to find - they are very easy to find. Just punch a few criteria into a LinkedIn search and dozens (if not hundreds) of great candidates will immediately become visible, The hard part is rising above the noise, getting their attention and then convincing them that you're the employer of choice in your industry sector, or location. 

5. In recent years, technology (social media in particular) has fundamentally changed candidate attitudes and behaviours. Unfortunately, many employers' attitudes and behaviours are stuck very firmly in the past, creating a mis-match between candidate expectations and employers hiring performance.  

6. Top talent will almost always have multiple job offers if they’re in the market for a career move.

7. Good candidates are forming opinions about you and your organisation at every stage of the recruitment process and their decision to accept or decline your job offer is the sum of those opinions.
Larry Roberts delivers high-impact recruitment workshops to executive development organisations and business leaders' groups designed to help them find, attract and retain the top talent they need to grow and prosper.

Here's what people say about Larry's workshops and presentations;

"A thought-provoking workshop with some brilliant insights on how to find great candidates"

"I took on board a lot of the points raised and made changes the very next day. Some simple small changes Larry recommended have already made a positive impact on our business and I'm sure that others will have a long lasting effect."

"A fascinating look at recruitment through the eyes of the candidate. I will definitely be revisiting my recruitment plan as a result of hearing Larry speak". 

"Despite having over 28 years recruitment experience, I learned lots of new things and was reminded of many others. Thank you for an enlightening and thoroughly entertaining evening"

"Larry presents what most Recuiters know, but are probably too scared to tell their clients and what most employers probably know on a subliminal level, but are either too busy, or don't attach enough importance to, to do anything about. Powerful stuff indeed!" 

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