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Development can help great people be even better, but if I had a dollar to spend, I’d spend 70 cents of it making sure we got the right person in through the door"
Former Google Learning & Leadership Development Director Paul Russell

The Syncopa Approach

Whenever we take on a recruitment assignment, we effectively become an extension to the client's leadership team for the duration of the campaign - adding valuable insights, advising on recruitment and interview best practice and proper questioning technique designed to make our clients more attractive than other employers who might be in the market for the same skills and experience. 

Why us?

Our Executive network spans the globe, enabling us to access senior manager and Director-level candidates that simply aren’t available to other recruiters.   

Because we're independent, we're not obliged to meet a number of assignments, or revenue target set by some remote HQ, which means we can give our clients the personal service they deserve and the appropriate amount of time to achieve the desired results.
Our own measures of success will be the frequency with which our clients come back to us for more, along with the number of referrals we get from clients we have succeeded in turning into Syncopa advocates. 

Last, but not least, as a no-cost option, we will provide unlimited telephone support to the client's new recruit for the critical first 100 days in their new job.